Conan and Nick Kroll Recall Some Not-So-Fond Memories of Prom Night (Video)

With many students missing their proms due to coronavirus, the late-night host and comedian share their bad experiences

Conan O’Brien and comedian Nick Kroll took a trip down memory lane Monday night on the virtual version of his late-night show, “Conan At Home.”

The trip was prompted when O’Brien asked Kroll about an old photo from his high school prom, and the two began regaling each other with stories of what happened to them on those fateful nights.

With schools and public gatherings shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, many high school students will miss their proms, but going by Kroll’s and O’Brien’s experiences, they won’t be missing out.

“It was not a great prom. What happened? I had a pre-cocktail party thing for all the kids in my grade to come to my house, and none of my friends came,” Kroll said. “The prom itself was fine, and then we went to see jazz in New York City, and I thought it was so cool, but none of my friends thought it was cool.”

Sounds like Kroll just needed some better friends?

Then O’Brien answered ponied up the answer to whether his prom was any better.

“No! I didn’t go to prom. I uh… it’s a long story,” he said. “I went to a store that sold potted plants and fertilizer, cause my dad needed fertilizer, so I ended up loading a bunch of bags of fertilizer into the back of a really crappy station wagon, getting covered in fertilizer dust ’cause he wanted me to plant these shrubs in the back yard.”

“Then I was driving down Route 9 back to my house, and I stopped at a stoplight, and next to me was a limousine, and the window lowered, and it was this girl I really liked, and this guy was taking her out, and I was waving to them… it’s a long story, but I did not go to prom,” he continued.

“Sounds like you had a sh—y prom,” Kroll said. Get it?

The “Big Mouth” star and co-creator, who is apparently very in touch with the youth of America, said he’s working an idea for how to cheer up high school seniors who are missing their prom right now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I will say, when this ends and everybody is allowed to regather, it’s gonna be a f— fest, Conan. All those kids who are pent up at home, they’re gonna get together and they are gonna get after it,” Kroll said.”

“I gotta say, I’ve never been to a f— fest,” Conan said.

“It’s great, it’s like driving a station wagon full of fertilizer down Route 9,” Kroll replied.

Watch the video above.