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Conan O’Brien Stabbing by Samurai Sword Turns TBS Set Into ‘Bloody’ Mess (Video)

The blood tube ”hurts the illusion a little bit,“ Conan admits

It’s unclear why Conan O’Brien continues to bring stuntman Steven Ho back to his Burbank Warner Bros. studio — each time the former “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” actor shows up, someone gets hurt. Or at least a crisp white shirt gets ruined.

This time it was O’Brien’s clothes being damaged beyond dry-cleaning repair.

After the host took a collapsable samurai sword to the gut, a fake bloody mess — courtesy of some Hollywood magic and a blood tube — painted the TBS show stage red.

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“It’s doesn’t hurt too much, there’s a little bit of pain with it,” Ho admitted before thrusting the sword into O’Brien’s breadbasket. “If you move off the pad … it’s going to puncture you.”

“But then no one would come to my rescue because blood would shoot out, you would think the effect is going perfectly and I would die,” O’Brien worried.

To which Ho replied, “Possibly.”

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Previously in the show, Ho had “kicked” out O’Brien’s “teeth.” It was all disgusting.

Watch the video:

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