Conan O’Brien, ‘Walking Dead’s’ Steven Yeun Get Steamy at Korean Spa (Video)

The late-night host and the ‘Walking Dead’ star endured a full range of spa treatments together

Conan O’Brien  was all set to enjoy a day of pampering and relaxation with “The Walking Dead” star Steven Yeun at the Wi Spa in LA’s Koreatown.

At least that’s what the late night host was hoping to do. The reality was a bit more painful (and hilarious).

O’Brien was surprised to learn that no clothes are allowed within the spa. He hoped to keep his jeans on, but the manager told him he would not be so lucky. He and Yeun stripped down and took a dip in a hot tub, which by O’Brien’s reaction must have been heated to somewhere between 100 and 10,000 degrees.

They then spent some time in the sauna, where O’Brien made a new friend. The naked, elderly Korean gentleman who joined him and Yeun was happy to oblige when O’Brien asked him to feel his chest to verify that he does in fact work out. Then it was on to the cold tub, which registered a balmy 61 degrees. O’Brien and Yeun huddled together for warmth before long.

Next up was the full-body scrub. In the most uproarious part of the taped segment, O’Brien went through the scrub as though he were being tortured by enemy agents. At one point he even divulged to the dastardly scrubber, Mr. Lee, “Our battalion is in the mountains!” Unfortunately, this information did not halt the scrubbing.

After a few more treatments, O’Brien called it quits. When Yeun asked if he had a good time, O’Brien said, “It was awful. It was painful and for me I think life-shortening. I will be dead within 48 hours.”