Conan O’Brien Wins Chance to Appear As Extra on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (Video)

He’ll turn up as a bar patron on the CBS sitcom

Up for bid is a cameo role on "How I Met Your Mother" — do I hear $2,000? $3,000? Sold! — to the tall redhead inexplicably prancing like a monkey.

Oh, to have been at the Ojai Playwrights Conference back in March when Conan O'Brien outbid the competition — including himself — to win an auction to appear in an upcoming episode of "How I Met Your Mother."

In an interview on his TBS talk show with series star Neil Patrick Harris that aired Monday, O'Brien said "HIMYM" producers later offered to turn the bit part into a genuine speaking part — but Conan preferred the idea of a background part.

"I think it's much funnier if I'm in the bar in the background," he explained.