Conan O’Brien’s Star Wars Nerdgasm Choir Performs ‘The Imperial March’ (Video)

Music was compiled from video fan reactions to photos leaked from the set of “Star Wars: Episode VII”

If John Williams is too busy to compose the score for the next “Star Wars” film, Conan O’Brien may have a solution. On “Conan” Tuesday night, he put together what he called the Star Wars Nerdgasm Choir, and recorded their reactions to the latest photos released from the set of “Star Wars: Episode VII.”

Reaction videos are all the rage online, so why not gather the best of them and put them together? Or, as O’Brien did, just make your own. You could feel Darth Vader’s presence as these nerds squealed and gasped to the tune of “The Imperial March” over the leaked set photos TMZ posted on Monday.

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It also makes it pretty clear just how high anticipation is for the next film in the “Star Wars” series, which isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until December 18, 2015. By that time, the Star Wars Nerdgasm Choir will have probably created enough music to score the entire sequel trilogy, and all of its various spin-0ffs.