‘Conan’: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles Bicker Over Meghan and Harry’s Interview (Video)

They also throw some jabs at Prince Andrew on the fake podcast “Fiddlesticks!”

Over 17 million people tuned in to watch Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday night, but it’s unclear if reigning royal Queen Elizabeth II was among them. That is, until Conan O’Brien chimed in.

On Monday’s episode of “Conan,” the host revitalized a spoof podcast called “Fiddlesticks!” that he first introduced back in January, after Meghan and Harry announced their partnership with Spotify. “Fiddlesticks!” is hosted by the queen and her son Prince Charles (aka, very convincing voice actors impersonating the royals), and it returned with a take on what they thought about the interview seen ’round the world.

In the clip, Prince Charles tells the Queen, “Your Majesty, it was devastating… we need to do immediate damage control.” A sassy Elizabeth replies, “Correction. YOU need to do damage control, Charles. Meghan said, and I quote, ‘the queen was always wonderful to me.’”

The conversation quickly turns to one of the interview’s biggest revelations — that a member of the Royal family questioned Meghan and Harry about “how their baby would look” and how dark his skin color would be.

“Everyone is speculating that I made those awful comments about skin color,” fake Prince Charles complains, to which Queen Elizabeth asks him outright if he did. “I admit it sounds like something I’d say,” Charles says, “but it also could have been our footman, who’s a Spaniard.”

Charles then brings up his brother Prince Andrew, who was accused of sexual abuse and misconduct with minors. The Royals recently opted to investigate two allegations that Meghan bullied her staff while working at the palace, but have opted not to investigate any of the claims against Andrew.

“People are saying we have been harder on Meghan Markle than we were on Prince Andrew,” fake Prince Charles muses on the podcast. Queen Elizabeth’s response is to pretend she has no idea who that is — she looks at a photo with Andrew’s head blacked out and says, “Charles, I’m looking at a family photo right now. There’s you, me, Edward, Princess Anne and your father on the end of the couch.”

Charles points out that his brother’s head is “covered with a square space,” which leads the queen into her next mock sponsor shout-out: “Go to Squarespace, promo code ‘I have just three children,’” she says.

Check out the full spoof podcast via the video above.


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