Conan’s Last Week: Hanks, Scorsese, Manilow

Assuming O’Brien wraps his “Tonight” run Friday, he’ll go out with some big-name guests

Martin Scorsese and Barry Manilow are expected to join Tom Hanks on what’s expected to be the final week of "The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien."

As TheWrap reported previously, Hanks is penciled in for Tuesday’s show. Now comes word that Scorsese has also been booked for next week, appearing alongside the previously booked Colin Firth.

Barry Manilow has long been scheduled to appear next week (on Thursday’s episode), before LateNightCrisis2010 broke out. Some websites have reported that Manilow will do a sort of Bette Midler-like farewell tribute on Friday’s episode, but if so, sources inside "Tonight" aren’t aware of the change.

Whenever he appears, we’re hoping Manilow performs "I Made It Through the Rain" for Coco. Seems appropriate, given the circumstances of the last 10 days.