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Condé Match.com

Publisher launches international dating site.

Last week, when Condé Nast announced that it was shuttering four titles — Gourmet, Cookie, Modern and Elegant Bride — president Chuck Townsend sent out a memo to staffers saying there would be lots of exciting news about digital initiatives coming from the publisher in the near future.

Townsend wrote:

These changes, combined with cost and workforce reductions now underway throughout the company, will speed the recovery of our current businesses and enable us to pursue new ventures. In the coming weeks, we hope to announce initiatives to develop digital versions of our brands that will make use of new devices and distribution channels.

Hopefully this isn’t what he was talking about.

Via British Vogue:

TRULYMADLYDATING.COM is Conde Nast International’s first dating site, supported by GLAMOUR.COM and GQ.COM, and created to unite glamorous girls with fashion-conscious GQ-reading boys to create matches made in style heaven.

Oy vey.

Alright, maybe I’m being a bit too jaded. I created a profile (you get a free seven-day trial) so if I can "unite with a glamourous girl," I may wind up with a different opinion about this whole initiative.

And a girlfriend with expensive shoes.