Congresswoman Slams Newspaper That Called Obama the N-Word: ‘America Is Better Than This’

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was reacting to a controversial article in the WestView News

Social media users weren’t the only ones shocked by a newspaper headline that called President Obama the N-word last weekend. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was, too.

A day after an article in the Westview News titled “The Nig-r in the White House” went viral, Representative Jackson Lee (D-TX) expressed her outrage.

“This headline from WestView News is disgusting. America is better than this,” the Congresswoman tweeted Monday, along with a link to a story about the headline.

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

As TheWrap previously reported, the tiny New York City paper, which touts itself as “The Voice of the West Village,” faced intense criticism Sunday for its provocative headline.

The article in question, penned by James Lincoln Collier, was actually pro-Obama and criticized what it called “racism” by far-right voters.

But the story’s headline has continued to generate debate.

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Possibly fearing backlash, WestView News did not put the article on its website. But a copy of it was posted online by the New York Post, along with a picture of another story by WestView News Columnist Alvin Hall, who criticized the article.

In a rebuttal titled “This Headline Offends Me,” Hall wrote, “I don’t see how its use benefits anyone, but I do feel all too clearly how it deeply offends me.”

The article also generated more than 70 comments on TheWrap. While commenters were divided, many agreed that the headline was over the top. “We as a nation should be way beyond this mindset. It saddens me to know that we are not,” declared commenter Katie Starrett-McClaran.

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TheWrap has made repeated attempts to speak with WestView News owner George Capsis, but our calls have gone unanswered.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.