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Conservatives Blast NBC for Firing Donald Trump While Keeping Al Sharpton

”I’m calling on NBC to fire Al Sharpton, whose words & actions for decades have been hateful & demeaning,“ Mark Levin tweeted

Conservatives took to social media to blast NBC for a perceived double standard in cutting ties with Donald Trump Monday for his comments about Mexican immigrants while keeping Al Sharpton despite the pastor-turned-MSNBC host’s numerous controversial remarks over the years.

Fox News mainstays like Greta van Susteren and Brit Hume joined Right-leaning radio hosts such as Neal Boortz, Larry Elder and Jason Mattera in questioning the network’s dumping of Trump while keeping Sharpton in place.

Sharpton, they argue, is just as guilty for making “demeaning” comments about race, religion and homosexuality. Despite his well-documented controversial statements, Sharpton maintains his MSNBC hosting gig.

Elder launched the social media tiff against NBC on Sunday and was quickly joined by his right-leaning peers.

Read the tweets below.