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‘Cooper’s Treasure’ Season 2 Trailer Unearths Some Serious Plunder (Exclusive Video)

Gold and cannons — that’s what Darrell Miklos’ ”treasure map from space“ finds

There’s gold down in them thar shipwrecks — and back on Friday nights. “Cooper’s Treasure” is returning to Discovery Channel, and TheWrap‘s exclusively got your action-packed Season 2 trailer.

“Cooper’s Treasure” follows treasure hunter Darrell Miklos as he cruises the Bahamas, investigating 11 shipwreck sites plotted in the ’60s and ’70s by NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper.

While orbiting Earth 50 years ago, Cooper photographed and secretly transcribed Caribbean anomalies onto a map, which he believed to be shipwrecks. Now Miklos has the map, and he’ll take it from here.

And, oh yes, this is all very real.

This season, Miklos and his team find a trail of undiscovered period English wrecks, including a Sir Francis Drake era wreck from the late 1500s. So far, they’ve recovered gold coins, gold ore, cannons, and more.

All of their activity and findings have caught the attention of some local pirates. Again, this is all for real.

Watch the trailer above.

Season 2 of “Cooper’s Treasure” premieres June 22 at 9/87 on Discovery Channel.