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‘Cops’ to Class Up Spike TV Slate Starting in September

After 25 seasons on Fox, "Cops" is moving to cable's dude-iest network

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Move to Spike TV, apparently.

Reality TV institution "Cops" is pulling up stakes and moving to Spike TV after 25 seasons on Fox, Spike TV president Kevin Kay said Monday. New episodes of "Cops" will begin airing in September, in the same Saturdays at 8 p.m. timeslot where it has enthralled dateless schadenfreude junkies for more than two decades.

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In addition to airing new episodes of "Cops," Spike TV will also have access to a portion of the series' 900-episode library.

“After 25 seasons with Fox, we are delighted to find our new home with the Spike family where we previously aired 'Undercover Stings,'” "Cops" creator John Langley said. “And we are doubly pleased that our 'Cops' timeslot remains Saturday nights for our fans. It may be bold to say, but we are looking for yet another record-breaking run with Spike!”

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Admit it; you're already humming the theme song, aren't you?