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Corey Feldman on Why He Wants $10 Million Before He’ll Name Hollywood Pedophiles (Video)

Matt Lauer’s got the same question you do

Corey Feldman wants to expose child predators in Hollywood, but the actor/musician says he needs $10 million to do it properly.

The “Stand By Me” star wants to use crowd-sourced funds to produce a feature film focused on those who molested him as a kid — and he promises to name names with the project. Feldman has raised less than $200,000 to-date, but he maintains that “Corey’s Truth” must be a theatrical release. Many people — including the “Today” show’s Matt Lauer — don’t understand why.

“It’s going to take a long time to raise $10 million and you’ve just told me that this is still prevalent in Hollywood,” Lauer said. “So, every day you wait, every day you try to raise money, I would imagine you believe that children are being abused by pedophiles in Hollywood. So why are you sitting down talking to me? Why aren’t you sitting down with the police right now?”

Watch Feldman’s full interview below, which includes his answer to Lauer’s question.