Corey Feldman ‘Can No Longer’ Defend Michael Jackson After ‘Leaving Neverland’ (Video)

Actor says his boyhood friendship with singer was never inappropriate

Corey Feldman says he “can no longer” defend Michael Jackson after watching Part 1 of HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland.”

“I don’t want to be perceived as I’m here to defend Michael, because I can no longer do that,” Feldman told HLN. “I cannot in good consciousness defend anyone who’s being accused of such horrendous crimes. But at the same time, I’m also not here to judge him, because again, he did not do those things to me and that was not my experience.”

“My place is not to be the judge and is not to be the accuser and not to be the defender — my job in this is to focus on what’s most important, which is helping to reform the statutes of limitations in every state, because if we can reform the statutes of limitations, we can prevent things from ever getting to this point,” Feldman continued.

Feldman reiterated in the segment that his relationship with Jackson was never inappropriate. Feldman disclosed his own sexual abuse — not involving Jackson — in 2013 memoir, “Coreyography.”

The “Stand By Me” star, who says he was molested by a man when he was 14 years old, told HLN he is currently trying to find a distributor for his own documentary chronicling his abuse.

Feldman initially seemed to defend Jackson from James Safechuck’s and Wade Robson’s accusations in “Leaving Neverland” via a string of tweets. Find those here.

Watch the video above.