Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s ‘Really F–ing Dumb Decision’ to Pass on More COVID-19 Vaccine (Video)

“So now, Europe is stuck with all those vaccines and that means more corona for everyone here in America, baby!”

Trevor Noah criticized President Trump’s “really f—ing dumb” decision to get fewer doses of COVID-19 from Pfizer than it could have.

According to the New York Times, the U.S. bought enough COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer to cover 50 million Americans and passed when the company offered to sell them additional doses over the summer, while the European Union purchased enough vaccines for 200 million people with an option to buy more. Pfizer says it might not be able to get the U.S. more doses until June 2021.

“That’s the art of the deal right there, baby. Pfizer thought that they could pull a fast one on Trump by offering to sell him lifesaving vaccines,” “The Daily Show” host said during Tuesday’s show. “But my man Trump was like, ‘No deal!’ So now, Europe is stuck with all those vaccines and that means more corona for everyone here in America, baby!”

Noah says that even with the vaccine, wearing masks and social distancing is still important and mocked Americans who feel like the requests that they do so are “government oppression”

“If Americans think that the rules in this country are too strict, Americans need to see how social-distancing is being enforced in some other countries around the globe. For example, if you’re upset because people give you dirty looks when you go outside without a mask, imagine if instead of that, the police pulled up in their cars and then roasted you over the P.A. system. Because that’s what’s going on in South Africa.”

He continued: “Rwandans are being forced to attend night school if they broke some COVID rules. Imagine that. If you don’t like watching Dr. Fauci come on TV and ask you to wear a mask for 30 seconds, if you lived in Rwanda, you’d be forced to listen to Dr. Fauci all night in a cold stadium. The only way that could be more boring is if there was also a baseball game going on at the same time.”

And in India, Noah says people are being forced to do squats and pushups in public for breaking COVID safety protocols. “I would rather staple a mask onto my face than have to exercise in public.”

Watch the video above.


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