Cory Monteith Confronts a Crooked Cop in ‘McCanick’ (Photo)

Producers behind the upcoming film have released another image of Monteith in character as a drug addict

Here's another look at Cory Monteith in his final film role as a drug-dealing addict in "McCanick," which is making its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

The deceased "Glee" cast member plays a pivotal role in director Josh C. Waller's cop drama, which stars David Morse as the titular lead.

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"McCanick" follows a narcotics detective who mercilessly hunts down a recently-released convict, Simon Weeks (Monteith), for unknown reasons over the course of one long, hot day. The closer Mack gets closer to his prey, the clearer it becomes that his frenzy stems from a truth rooted in the past, which only Weeks can expose.

Monteith will also be seen at the festival in writer and director Gia Milani's "All the Wrong Reasons."  Monteith plays one of four main characters in the ensemble drama centering on everyday people struggling in the aftermath of trauma.

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Monteith died last month due to a fatal mix of heroin and alcohol. The Canadian-born actor's body was found in a Vancouver hotel room.