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Countdown With … Howard Dean

Keith Olbermann certainly isn’t afraid to offer opinions on his MSNBC-TV "Countdown" show. Generally, those opinions tend a little towards the liberal side.


OK, maybe that could be a slight understatement, considering Olbermann’s long running and nightly criticism of the Bush administration and its officials that includes as a signoff the number of days since President Bush declared Mission Accomplished.

Still, Olbermann delivers a nightly newscast that includes commentary on the cable channel.

This week, Olbermann is on vacation and Tuesday and Wednesday MSNBC is turning to a pretty unusual choice to host the newscast …

Howard Dean, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, former Vermont governor and former presidential candidate is being tapped in a first for the cable channel.

Jeremy Gaines, VP-Communications for MSNBC-TV, defended the choice.
“The program is an opinionated newscast and our viewers will be interested to hear Gov. Dean’s take on this week’s events,” he said.