Courtney Love Lashes Out at Pro-Palestinian Activist Over Medical Fundraiser

“I feel you’re a fraud and you’re inciting anti American rhetoric,” the musician Tweets at Linda Sarsour

Last Updated: June 8, 2017 @ 5:15 PM

Courtney Love has not been spreading the love on Twitter. On Wednesday, the former lead singer of Hole and wife of the late Kurt Cobain engaged in a Twitter feud with Muslim-American activist, Linda Sarsour.

In a series of tweets, Love called Sarsour “a vile disgrace to women and all mankind,” a “fraud,” and an “anti-Semite.” Sarsour is a pro-Palestinian activist. Love is of Jewish heritage on her mother’s side.

What prompted these harsh words? A medical fundraiser for a Somali-American woman in Columbus, Ohio, who says she was the victim of a hate crime.

On June 3, an apartment complex brawl in Columbus, Ohio resulted in two women being sent to the hospital. One of the women, Rahma Warsame, told the Columbus Dispatch she was struck by a man who told her “You all will be shipped back to Africa.” No charges were filed due to what police say were conflicting stories from multiple witnesses, and police ultimately did not rule the incident a hate crime. Muslim activist groups are now demanding further investigation of the incident.

After learning of Warsame’s situation, Sarsour established a fundraiser on the crowd-funding platform Launchgood to pay for Warsame’s medical bills; as of June 8, the effort has raised more than $110,000.

Love said Sarsour’s fundraiser “[seemed] like a publicity stint [sic]” and accused her of promoting “fake stories.”

Sarsour was quick to respond and did not hold back. Here is the whole exchange: