Cousin Greg From ‘Succession’ Gets Busted Scoring Cocaine for Conan O’Brien (Video)

TBS host is worse than Tom Wamsgans

If you think Tom Wamsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) is crappy to Cousin Greg in “Succession,” wait until you see how Conan O’Brien treats the awkward Nicholas Braun character.

Braun dropped by the Team Coco/TBS offices Thursday night looking for a job while his hit HBO drama is on hiatus. The 6’5″ actor wants to be the 6’4″ cable host’s new sidekick — sorry, 6’1″ Andy Richter.

(Why did we include their heights there? We just thought it was interesting, as Conan rarely has to look up at any of his scene partners, an almost equally rare sentiment Braun’s “Succession” boss, mentor, best friend and probably worst enemy Macfadyen, who stands 6’3,” shared with TheWrap when we spoke with him for our Emmy Magazine.)

O’Brien is amused by Braun’s bold proposal —  but it comes with a catch.

“You want a job here?” Conan said. “I need cocaine.”

And it’s got to be from Peru.

Richter is not amused by Braun’s power play.

“So you just waltz in here after I’ve been the sidekick for 10 years, and I’m like some coffee table made out of s— that you can put your feet up on?” Richter said.

“No, you are so much more than a coffee table made of s—,” Braun responded. “You’re so much more structurally sound.”

Meanwhile, O’Brien still needs that coke from Braun, whom he dubbed “red-pill Ryan Stiles.”

Watch the video above.

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