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COVID-19 Celebrates the End of Airline Mask Mandates in Colbert Cold Open (Video)

COVID declares victory in the war on COVID on ”The Late Show“

When a Trump-appointed lower court judge in Florida struck down the Biden administration’s mask mandate on Monday, celebrations broke out on flights across the country, where the mask-mandates were abruptly ended mid-flight. But in the cold open to “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” no one celebrated the news harder than COVID-19.

As always, the cold open gag kicked off with news clips setting up the premise, in this case a report that on one flight, someone blasted the song “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang on their phone when the news was announced.

So it is that the gag itself is an animated clip of COVID-19 singing its own version of “Celebration.” You can watch the clip at the bottom of the page, but immediately before that, we’ll put the lyrics.

There’s a party going on right here
Cause we’re all breathing each other’s air
Coughin’ with your mouth holes
And your nose holes too
This virus can’t wait to be in your bronchial tubes
C’mon and inhalation
Party in your lungs and have a good time
New mutations
Gonna replicate and watch the numbers climb
It’s time to come together
Looks like I’ll be here forever
Every one who’s on this plane
Breathe in
It’s a celebration

Then the gag ends with a scene from the ’90s action movie “Air Force One,” only with Harrison Ford having a fight with COVID instead of Gary Oldman.

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