CPAC: 10-Year-Old Credentialed Journalist Steals the Show

Matthew Phoenix Legg isn’t affiliated with any major news organization and told TheWrap he was with his own blog

Last Updated: February 24, 2018 @ 10:25 AM

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), regularly draws some of the industry’s biggest reporters looking for leads and scoops from the most influential grandees in the GOP.

Burt in 2018, Matthew Phoenix Legg has stolen the show. At 10 years old, Legg is the youngest credentialed journalist at the conference.

“I’m here to report on CPAC and whoever’s here I can interview,” he told TheWrap in a brief interview in the main hall at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center Thursday. “I haven’t been through many elections, but this is one of the greatest political times in American history.”

Legg isn’t affiliated with any major news organization and told TheWrap he was with his own blog.

Legg’s been rubbing political elbows in and around the CPAC media filing center, where he has networked with reporters — including a fist bump with Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

“It’s inspiring to see the amount of ambition the young man has and it gives me hope as a reporter to see a new generation excited about journalism,” RightWingWatch’s Jared Holt, another journalist at the conference, told TheWrap.

“In a chaotic stage of the business, it gives me hope to see young people excited about reporting — especially at a conference where ‘fake news’ has become such a buzzword,” said Holt.

On the subject of fake news, Legg himself was diplomatic.

“I don’t know if [Donald Trump] is attacking all media,” he said of the president’s most famous charge against the press. “There is fake news out there.”

Despite his age, Legg, who hails from Texas, hasn’t had difficulty getting access to the highest levels of D.C. power. The most recent post on his website, an interview between him and West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, was uploaded to YouTube just last week.

“What do you think kids my age can do to unite our country,” Legg asked the West Virginia Democrat — an early voice for his generation. Watch the interview below.

Legg has set his journalistic sights higher than the Senate — he told TheWrap that he hoped he might eventually speak with President Trump, who addressed the CPAC audience on Friday.

“That’s any reporter’s dream to interview the president,” he said.