Craig Ferguson Immediately Regrets Asking Scarlett Johansson About ‘Jiu-Yoga’ (Video)

“The Late Late Show” host’s portmanteau goes awry

Craig Ferguson cracked up in embarrassment during an interview with Scarlett Johansson Wednesday when an innocent question became a faux pas.

“Can you do the jiu jitsu and the yoga and such?” Ferguson asked the “Captain America” star. “What about a combination of both? Jiu-yoga?”

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The Jewish actress couldn’t contain her laughter at the host’s inadvertent double entendre.

“Really?!” Johansson exclaimed. “How does that go, Craig?”

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“It was a genuine, honest mistake!” Ferguson pleaded.

“I would’ve gone with Yo-jitsu,” she replied.

“I went the wrong way around,” he explained. “Got myself in a whole mess of trouble!”

“You can edit that out,” Johansson noted.

Watch Ferguson’s awkward turn of phrase below (around 6:15):