‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: We’ve Got an Update on That Whole Broadway Musical Thing

TCA 2018: “‘Twas a bit premature on my part,” Rachel Bloom admits of her exciting Instagram announcement

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” star Rachel Bloom and series creator Aline Brosh McKenna just gave reporters an update on that whole Broadway musical adaptation thing they were apparently working on.

“‘Twas a bit premature on my part,” Bloom admitted of her February Instagram announcement, when she touted meetings in New York City for the stage version of their CW show. “It’s not not happening. It’s just, you know, Broadway’s hard.”

“We’ve talked a lot about it and we kind of took a first round of meetings to explore that universe,” McKenna added at Monday’s Television Critics Association press tour. “We’re busy figuring out this end of the TV chapter, but we are definitely intending to do a play.”

“I just wanted the ‘Likes’ on Instagram,” Bloom said. She got more than 11,000 for the effort, which our readers can see below.

“Bathroom selfie with @abmck [McKenna] on this Galentines Day,” Bloom’s Instagram post read. “We’re celebrating it by doing our first round of NYC meetings for the ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Broadway musical. Coming to Broadway in probably 2150 because that’s how Broadway works I think.”

Here’s the post that accompanied that caption:

Earlier during the TCA panel, Bloom and McKenna explained the odd-but-apparently-creative choice to recast Santino Fontana’s role of Greg in favor of new star Skylar Astin.

“When Rachel and I were conceiving the show we had always sort of intended that Greg and Rebecca’s romance would end sort of where it did,” McKenna said.

But much like the show has continued to explore the character of Josh despite the end of his romance with Rebecca, McKenna and Bloom wanted to find new ways to incorporate Greg despite Fontana’s departure at the beginning of Season 2.

“Rachel and I had always been exploring bringing back that character and sort of trying to figure out a way to do it that suited our show,” McKenna continued. “So now bringing the character of Greg back, he is part of our storytelling. It’s a plot point in the story that the character is reimagined and so he’s going to be played by a different actor, which is Skylar.”