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Michael B Jordan Punches Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

”Creed 2“ star ruins ”Jimmy Kimmel Live“ set, sort of

Ever wanted to just deck Jimmy Kimmel? “Creed 2” star Michael B. Jordan got that opportunity on Tuesday.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host was very interested in the working punches Jordan throws in the “Creed” movies. Foolishly, Kimmel wanted to be on the receiving end of one — a right hook.

Jordan was game so long as he wasn’t going to get sued.

Of course, the duo did it in slow-motion, and Kimmel’s ABC staff sped it up for playback. Jordan’s slowed-down right packed enough of a punch to send Kimmel crashing *through* his digital wall.

Pretty good spit-take by the guy selling here.

Watch the video above.