‘CSI: Miami’ Actress Eva LaRue Says Steven Seagal Sexually Harassed Her When She Was 22

LaRue joins Jenny McCarthy, Portia de Rossi and Julianna Margulies on list of Seagal accusers

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Eva LaRue has joined the growing list of accusers saying that Steven Seagal sexually harassed them.

The “CSI: Miami” actress said in an interview with Deadline that when she was 22, she got a call from her agent, saying that he’d set up an audition for her at Seagal’s house.

“Even at 22, I knew better than to go to an audition at somebody’s house,” LaRue, now 50, said. “But my agent assured me that the reason it was at his house was because they hadn’t secured their studio offices yet.”

She went against her better judgment, and “sure enough, there were two other guys and some woman who was supposed to be the casting director … It was a meeting but not a reading. And then the casting director said, ‘I think she’s perfect for the role.’”

Seagal, dressed in a kimono, then led her to another room. “It was like a literal casting couch,” LaRue said. “And as I was walking towards the couch, with my back towards the door, he’s busy closing and locking the doors behind my back. I go to sit on the couch, and he comes towards me and he’s opening his weirdo kimono.

“There’s no script or anything. Just him standing there with his kimono open. He had underwear on, thank God, and he was bare everywhere else. And it was clear he was not just getting cozy,” she added.

When Seagal offered her a drink, LaRue said she fumbled to get the door unlocked and made a “beeline” out of the house — and while he never touched her, the encounter was unnerving all the same, she told Deadline.

Earlier in the week, Jenny McCarthy, Portia de Rossi and Julianna Margulies all shared their own experiences with the action star.

“All these agents back then knew what was going on for ages. Thanks for not telling us. Everybody knew but us actors. But nobody followed up or anything,” LaRue said.