Curt Schilling Defends Donald Trump’s Lewd Remarks About Young Girls (Video)

Fired ESPN baseball analyst astonishes Fox Business Network host with his comments

Curt Schilling shares Donald Trump’s feelings about Muslims, and now it appears that he is defending the GOP candidate’s lewd comments about young girls.

The former Boston Red Sox pitcher and recently fired ESPN baseball analyst appeared on Fox Business Network Thursday and the conversation naturally came around to Trump, specifically recently unearthed footage where Trump talks about a group of preteen girls and says about one of them, “I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?”

“How many times — and I have three boys and a daughter — how many times have you looked at a young man and said, ‘Wow, he’s a beautiful young man, wow, he’s a gorgeous young man,’” Schilling asked FBN host Trish Regan, according to The Hill.

“Zero,” Regan responded bluntly.

“There’s no way you haven’t seen somebody else’s son and said ‘Wow, he’s beautiful,’” Schilling argued.

In defense of Trump, Schilling claimed people are overreacting. “To jump to the point where you’re insinuating something like pedophilia or molestation is where you’re going with this because he’s joking about, ‘Well, when she gets older, I’m going to date her,’” he said.

“How do you get from there to being revolted and disgusted?” he asked, adding that one of his daughter’s friends is beautiful, but “I don’t immediately jump to molesting her.”

Schilling, a three-time World Series winner and ex-“Monday Night Baseball” analyst, was fired by ESPN in April after he posted a meme on Facebook mocking transgender women. He had previously gotten into very hot water for comparing Muslims to the Nazis.

As for Trump, he’s had a very rough week. The presidential hopeful is still dealing with the fallout from a leaked recording from 2005 in which he openly bragged about being able to grope women due to his celebrity status. Since then, more women have come forward to claim that Trump exhibited predatory and sexually aggressive behavior toward them over the years.

So, who’s rooting for a Trump-Schilling 2020 ticket?

Watch the video above.