CW Brings ‘Moonlight’ Back From the Dead

Calm down, Alex O. fans: It’s just for the summer

Alex O’Louglin owns Leslie Moonves’ soul: "Moonlight" repeats are coming to the CW this summer, paired with reruns of first-year hit "The Vampire Diaries."

The CW Thursday said the failed CBS drama will begin airing on the CW June 3 at 9 p.m., right after "TVD" encores. It’ll create an undead block of vampire-themed programming — plus give bloggers all sorts of reason to make bloodsucker jokes.

It’s a neat way for the CW to event-ize a night during the summer, particularly since the network becomes deader than a vampire in the ratings once its May finales air. There’ve been rumblings that the CW may yet get serious about airing some cheap first-run fare between June and August, but until we see something on the air, we won’t believe it.

The move could also be a great way to hype O’Loughlin’s lead role in sister net CBS’s "Hawaii Five-O" revamp, which, if you believe buzz, is a lock for the Eye’s fall sked. (We have no idea and won’t speculate if CBS will book "Five-O" or not). Even if CW doesn’t actually air any promos for the new show, it could help raise visibility for O’Loughlin.

It might also start a new round of rumors among the "Moon"-ies, who’ve never given up on the show and still send notes to CBS (and bloggers) DEMANDING CBS BRING BACK "MOONLIGHT" RIGHT NOW!!!!

A final plus: CBS Films can use the "Moonlight" repeats to hype the inevitable late summer DVD release of "The Backup Plan," which stars Alex O. and J. Lo.