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Cynthia Nixon, Paul Giamatti Returning to HBO Via Wall St.

Ed Asner will play billionaire Warren Buffet in Curtis Hanson’s adaptation of ”Too Big to Fail“

HBO has unveiled the full cast of its original movie "Too Big to Fail," Curtis Hanson's adaptation of New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin's best-selling Wall Street expose, and it's quite an impressive ensemble.

Oscar winner William Hurt was the first cast member announced, and he'll be joined in the telepic by Oscar nominees Paul Giamatti and James Woods, plus Topher Grace, Tony Shalhoub, Cynthia Nixon, Billy Crudup, Ed Asner, Dan Hedaya, Kathy Baker, Joey Slotnick, Michael O'Keefe and Ayad Akhtar.

Here's the complete cast list:

• William Hurt — U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson
• Paul Giamatti- – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
• James Woods — Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld
• Topher Grace — Jim Wilkinson
• Tony Shalhoub — John Mack
• Cynthia Nixon — Michele Davis
• Billy Crudup — Timothy Geithner
• Ed Asner — Warren Buffett
• Kathy Baker — Wendy Paulson
• Dan Hedaya — Barney Frank

• Joey Slotnick — Dan Jester
• Michael O’Keefe — Chris Flowers
• Ayad Akhtar — Neel Kashkari

Sorkin's book chronicles the 2008 financial crisis and the powerful decision makers who held the fate of the world's economy in their hands. The film will go behind closed doors to examine the co-dependency between Washington and Wall St.

Peter Gould wrote the script and Sorkin is consulting on the movie, along with Vanity Fair's Bethany McLean and the New York Times' Joe Nocera, who wrote "All the Devils Are Here" together.

HBO and Spring Creek Prods. are teaming on the high-profile project, which Hanson will exec produce with Spring Creek's Paula Weinstein and Jeffrey Levine. Carol Fenelon is co-exec producing and Ezra Swerdlow is also producing.

Production is scheduled to begin later this fall.