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‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ Trailer: Inventor Re-Invented as a Hero (Video)

The Starz drama features Tom Riley as the titular character, who appears to be more action star than a scientist

"Dark Knight" trilogy co-writer David S. Goyer has compared his new version of Leonardo Da Vinci to Batman — and now we can see why.

The new trailer for "Da Vinci's Demons," a new Starz series premiering this spring, features the 16th century polymath doing a lot more than just painting, sculpting and inventing. 

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Goyer's incarnation of Da Vinci — played by Tom Riley — is a suave ladies man who can't keep himself out of trouble.

Luckily, he appears to be pretty handy with a sword. And, like Batman, isn't afraid to ride a rope up to the rooftops when he finds himself in a pinch.

The new adventures of the young "Mona Lisa" painter begin on April 12.

Watch the video:

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