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‘Dads’ Praises Booze, Calls Out ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ in Extended AA Scene (Exclusive Video)

Well, that’s one way to go out

After months of being accused of bad taste, Fox’s “Dads” is closing out its first season with a scene in which two of its characters praise booze at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. In an extended, online-only version, Martin Mull‘s character takes a shot at “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” the more successful and critically praised show that follows “Dads.”

The sing-along, airing on tonight’s episode, finds Mull performing a pro-drinking song called “Bottoms Up.” Soon his on-screen son, Giovanni Ribisi, joins in.

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The extended version, shared exclusively with TheWrap, features a dig at fellow Fox Tuesday night comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which slightly improves on the ratings of “Dads” and earned two Golden Globes in January.

Mull sings: “It takes gallons of wine/ to sit through “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”/that Golden Globe should be mine!/Bottoms up! Bottoms up!”

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The extended scene ends with the camera panning to the cast and crew, drinking beers and singing along. A montage of the series’ heavy drinking scenes overlays the tune.

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The first season of “Dads” concludes with a two-part finale, and the AA scene appears in the first part. The future of the series is up in the air. The show’s season has been cut by three episodes.

Executive producers Alec Sulkin, Wellesely Wild and Mike Scully told TheWrap that they are confident of the show’s return — but that they aren’t being cocky.

Watch the clip: