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‘Dad’s’ Seth Green Uses Googly Eyes to Catch Inconspicuous Nap on ‘Conan’ (Video)

Want to look busy while resting? Seth Green has got the product for you!

With a slew of shows on the air, you’d think Seth Green would be far too busy to catch a nap.

But when he needs a few minutes of afternoon shut-eye, the “Dads”/”Family Guy”/”Robot Chicken” star likes to apply self-adhesive googly eyes to look like he’s still busy.

In reality, he just looks really dilated, focused and creepy.

Green brought some extras by “Conan” Wednesday night, where the O’Brien and sidekick Andy Richter also got in on the cheap fun.

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The googly eyes made their way onto ¬†Richter’s forehead, O’Brien’s microphone and coffee mug, and even the underside of Green’s shoe.

“People seem to prefer our show this way,” O’Brien quipped.

It makes for perhaps a funnier video than it reads, watch it here: