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‘Daily Show’ Blasted for ‘Transphobic’ Donald Trump Tweet

”This was funny until it ended at the expense of a marginalized group,“ one less-than-happy customer responded

Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” was hit with heavy criticism on Wednesday after tweeting a message that was interpreted by many as transphobic.

The tweet, which no longer appears on the show’s Twitter account but was preserved by the New York Daily News, was published shortly after reports broke that House Majority Leader once suggested that Donald Trump was being paid by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The tweet offered a number of suggestions for news that would break between 5 and 6 p.m. on Thursday, with the final option being, “Donald Trump announces he is now Donna Trump.”

The jab came off as cheap and insulting to the transgendered to numerous people.

“@TheDailyShow Haha you’re right daily show. Someone transitioning is definitely as crazy as the other things on this list,” one response read.

Another critic of the tweet noted that the offending message was published on International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia, writing, “The Daily Show celebrates International Day Against Transphobia with transphobic ‘joke’.”

“This was funny until it ended at the expense of a marginalized group,”read another disappointed response, which ended with the hashtag “#DroppedTheBall.”

“@TheDailyShow It’s using us as a punch line which directly contributes to a climate where other bigots think they can murder us without consequences,” another non-fan of the tweet offered.

“@TheDailyShow Literally the easiest target in the ENTIRE WORLD and you go for a trans joke?” yet another response read.