Daniel Radcliffe Totally Lives in Amy Poehler’s Building (Video)

Harry Potter hits “The Daily Show” to discuss an embarrassing encounter with the “Parks and Recreation” star

Daniel Radcliffe, the 21-year-old star of the world's most popular film, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Gallows — Part 2," revealed on Monday's edition of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" that he lives in the same building as Amy Poehler and that he recently confronted the Emmy-nominated "Parks and Recreation" star in their lobby like the many giggling schoolgirls who have approached him over the years.

"I just had to lean over and say, 'I've got to tell you, I'm a massive fan of 'The Mighty B!,' which is this cartoon that like one person here knows," recalled Radcliffe, referring to Poehler's Nickelodeon cartoon. "I'm scared to admit that that's perhaps not the one thing that she would have liked me to pick out of her catalogue of work."

He also said he watched three hours of cartoons on Monday.

Later, Radcliffe answered some questions put to him by a real-life Quidditch team, including one poor player's query, "Do you feel responsible for my virginity?"

"Yes, I do," said Radcliffe.