‘Daily Show': Denis Leary Still Amazed by Potato Vodka (Video)

The “Rescue Me” star also talks to Jon Stewart about the final season of his FX show, which returns Wednesday

Denis Leary hit "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" Monday night to discuss the final season of "Rescue Me," which begins on Wednesday.

But the funny FX star was more interested in talking about vodka made out of potatoes.

"The thing for Irish guys is we're always amazed," joked Leary while discussing the complimentary vodka Stewart's show gives out to guests. "We can't believe we had potatoes for years and we didn't invent potato vodka."

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Shaking off the rust of having been on hiatus for a week, Stewart asked him how things were going with the "fake firefighting."

Leary answer that his "Rescue Me" character Tommy Gavin would be inducted into the Smithsonian on Thursday.

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