‘The Daily Show’: Fear Not Obamacare Users – Congress is on the Case (Video)

Instead of basking in the government shutdown triumph, the House is investigating website problems surrounding the health care law

Americans may be upset about the technical glitches that have hampered Obamacare, but fear not, says Jon Stewart: Help is on the way.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has kicked off hearings in the Energy and Commerce Committee to get to the bottom of why users have had trouble creating online accounts. And that’s a good thing, Stewart said on Monday’s “Daily Show.”

“Congress is on the case,” Stewart said. “Who better to fix this than Congress?  In fact, not just Congress,  the committee whose second ranking Democrat entered Congress four years before the 1959 invention of microchips.”

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Stewart than cut to footage of Rep. John Dingell, the 87-year old Michigan legislator in question, mentioning that the last perfect law involved Moses traipsing down Mount Sinai with the 10 Commandments.

“And I was there,” Stewart quipped. “Nice guy, Moses. Never made good on that milk and honey thing.”

For their part, Republicans on the committee wanted the Obama administration to apologize for the bugs and headaches that have marred the implementation of a law many of them opposed.

“Democrats did not so much offer website difficulty reasons as website difficulty rhymes,” Stewart noted, cutting to a litany of Democratic lawmakers advising the government to “fix it, not nix it.”

“Fix it, do not nix it,” Stewart said. “Correct it, do not reject it. Debug it, please do not unplug it. Improve, don’t remove it. Repair it, not foreswear it.”

He then launched into a spirited rendition of Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness,” demonstrating that he has a pretty impressive set of pipes, in addition to a talent for political satire.

Watch the video: