‘Daily Show’ Mashes Up Fox News’ Hypocritical Coverage of Anti-Vax vs BLM Protests (Video)

Brooklyn Bridge protestors just “want their freedom back” — guess which side they’re on?

Fox News may have an angle, and “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” may have its number.

On Thursday, “The Daily Show” posted a compilation video to YouTube mashing up Fox News Channel’s coverage of anti-vaxx and Black Lives Matters protestors. Both blocked streets and stopped traffic, though only one seemed to draw ire from the conservative cable news network’s talking heads.

For example, the anti-vaccine marchers who recently shut down the Brooklyn Bridge to protest the COVID-19 vaccine mandate simply “want their freedom back,” according to “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade.

BLM protestors who shut down city streets didn’t get the same courteous explanation.

“One group stopping traffic, blocking the freeway. Yeah, that really gets the public on their side,” Kilmeade sarcastically said about a Black Lives Matter march in Seattle last year.

The discrepancy in coverage from fellow Fox News hosts Dan Bongino, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson was even worse.

“The minute someone steps in the street, blocks traffic and breaks the law, I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to go to jail,” Bongino says in one clip over footage of Black Lives Matter protesters. That came right after another clip of Bongino recently defending anti-vaxx protesters by saying, “When you start telling people they don’t have sovereignty over their own body and they’re wards of the state, it’s gonna hit the fan.”

Ingraham and Hannity, meanwhile, are seen in the montage ripping BLM marchers as “angry mobs of left-wing protesters” who got in the way of “law-abiding, productive citizens.” Those anti-vaxxers who took to the streets and the Brooklyn Bridge, however, were totally justified in the hosts’ minds.

Watch the “Daily Show” video above. The caption says it all: “Take a wild guess who loves protesters blocking traffic now.”