‘The Daily Show’ Host John Oliver: If You’re a Whistle, You’re Getting Blown (Video)

As more whistleblowers come forward, so do allegations of governmental prostitution 

Somewhere in the Middle East, Jon Stewart is breathing a huge sigh of relief: "The Daily Show" hasn't exploded after three days of John Oliver hosting. In fact, federal whistleblowers are giving him plenty of material.

Wednesday's "Daily Show" opened with a rundown of recent government scandals, and  suggested God was ruining the New England Patriots by granting Tim Tebow unto them. Who knew that the British host was such an American football fan?

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Oliver also accused the government of cover-ups of cover-ups that he said amounted to "a turducken of lies."

Dubbing this "The Summer of the Whistleblower," Oliver assured whistles this is the week that they are getting blown. Which may not be such a stretch of a double entendre, considering allegations of government workers hiring prostitutes.

Here's the clip: