‘The Daily Show’: John Oliver Finds Irony in Mayor Bloomberg’s Stop-and-Frisk Response (Video)

Says law is like catch-and-release fishing, "except you get to feel the fish up and shout at it a bit"

John Oliver equated New York City's stop-and-frisk to catch-and-release fishing — "except you get to feel the fish up and shout at it a bit before throwing it back."

"Also, almost all of the fish are brown," the fill-in "Daily Show" host added on Tuesday's episode.

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A judge recently found that the law is unconstitutional, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg promised to appeal, saying there was "unfairness" during the trial.

"Let me get this straight," said Oliver. "You think this program is being unfairly stopped and scrutinized even though it's done nothing wrong."

Watch the clip: