‘Daily Show': Jon Stewart Compares Rebekah Brooks to Mrs. Weasley (Video)

Jon Stewart weighs in once again on the ridiculous News of the World scandal

Jon Stewart had a blast yet again with the growing News of the World hacking and bribery scandal on Tuesday's edition of "The Daily Show," devoting the first segment of the program to the plight faced by Rupert Murdoch and friends.

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He first explained that former Murdoch employee and notorious redhead Rebekah Brooks' arrest was tragic — but only because he had confused her with a figure from a popular book series.

"And on Sunday, authorities arrested poor Mrs. Weasley," said Stewart, referring to the "Harry Potter" character whose progeny are all famously blessed with red hair.

Then he added, "Tragically, authorities arrested the guy from Simply Red."

Later, Stewart made fun of the "vowel-shaped furniture" seen Tuesday during Parliament's grilling of Murdoch and his son, James.

"Confess before the U-shaped desk of contrition!" he said.

This has all made us wish that Murdoch would testify before Parliament every day.