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‘The Daily Show': Jon Stewart Mocks Republicans’ Obama and Watergate Comparisons (Video)

"Fast and Furious would be like if Monica Lewinsky went down on Iran Contra during the Bay of Pigs invasion," Stewart jokes

Republicans took to Fox News and other outlets this week to compare the Obama Administration's handling of the Fast and Furious gun program to another famous political scandal — Watergate. 

But Jon Stewart isn't buying it. 

"The Daily Show" host pointed out that this isn't the first time the GOP faithful have evoked the crisis that brought down Richard Nixon's government to slam Barack Obama.

From the president's handling of the Gulf oil spill to national security leaks, Watergate has been a favorite talking point for Obama's critics, Stewart noted. 

It's popping up once again now that the Obama administration has asserted executive privilege to shield Justice Department documents related to Fast and Furious, a program that  shipped illegal guns to Mexico in order to track drug dealers. The president's stance, conservatives argued in clips shown on "The Daily Show," made Watergate look like "child's play." 

"Fast and Furious would be like if Monica Lewinsky went down on Iran-Contra during the Bay of Pigs invasion," Stewart quipped. 

He noted, however, that Fox News, which was the platform for many of the comments he showed, has its own link to that famous scandal in Roger Ailes The news channel's president was a media consultant for Nixon. 

“They throw around the term ‘Watergate’ so much at Fox you’d think the guy running Fox had been a Nixon operative in the…Oh my god, oh my god, it’s Watergate-gate," Stewart said after cutting to a photo of Ailes meeting with Nixon.