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‘Daily Show’ Jon Stewart: ‘Veterans Getting World of War-Shafted’ (Video)

Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" was riled up about what he sees as a disregard for returning veterans

Jon Stewart thinks the treatment of veterans is a travesty and he places the blame squarely on congressional Republicans. The fake news host was in fighting form Wednesday, devoting an episode of "The Daily Show" to the employment challenges that face returning soldiers.

ScreenshotHe noted that despite polls showing that 85 percent of the country support benefits for the nation's fighting men and women, a bill to do precisely that was recently struck down by deficit-hawk Republicans in the House of Representatives.

It's not as if the issue of what to do with returning veterans is a new phenomenon, Stewart noted.

"To be fair to the Pentagon and the Department of Defense, it's only our 240th year of fighting wars so new issues always arise," Stewart mocked. "Like how to deal with the people who fought them."

Watch the full clip below: