Larry Wilmore and Jon Stewart Compare Brian Williams’ Tall Tale to ‘Furious 7’ (Updated)

“Daily Show” host’s protege claims he was in a helicopter that was shot down this weekend — it gets crazier from there

Last Updated: February 11, 2015 @ 7:49 AM

Monday’s Comedy Central late-night toss from “The Daily Show” to “The Nightly Show” took a humorous shot at everyone’s favorite current news punchline, Brian Williams, while also plugging upcoming film “Furious 7.”

Jon Stewart set his former correspondent Larry Wilmore up to score simply by asking Stephen Colbert‘s 11:30 p.m. replacement about his weekend.

“On, Jon, man — it was pretty crazy,” Wilmore deadpanned. “I was in a helicopter that was shot down.”

“Then in retaliation, I gathered up a bunch of my boys, right? Now, we took our cars inside a jet and parachuted onto a mountain road,” he continued, as Stewart feigned shock and awe. “And then we duked it out with a fully armed bus.”

“And then Ludacris rolled his car, so Vin Diesel hooked, and then rolled that bus, Jon,” Wilmore said.

“That’s the plot of ‘Fast & Furious 7,'” Stewart responded.

“Oh yeah, right. Sorry man. It’s that whole fog of movies thing, Jon,” Wilmore concluded, playing on the now-suspended Williams’ explanation for misremembering his own helicopter incident.

Cue the “Moment of Zen.”

For the record:  An earlier version of this post contained video from Tuesday night’s “toss” from “The Daily Show” to “The Nightly Show.” The video is actually from Monday night, there was no toss on Tuesday. TheWrap regrets the error.

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