‘Daily Show’ Details Paul Ryan’s GOP Falling Out: He’s ‘Getting Playboy’d’ (Video)

Jessica Williams intricately compares Republicans to hardcore porn addicts for Trevor Noah

Last Updated: October 14, 2015 @ 8:28 AM

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah and correspondent Jessica Williams compared Paul Ryan’s recent falling out with the GOP’s right wing to Playboy’s shocking new no-nudity mandate on Tuesday, drawing some fairly inspired links between the very different headlines.

“It used to be that if you were looking to see pictures of naked ladies, Playboy knew what turned you on,” Williams started, “like, in the same way that Paul Ryan was the clean-cut conservative boy-next-door who used to excite Republicans — but the times have changed!”

And apparently, the Internet has ruined all the soft-core stuff — and perhaps Ryan’s political future.

“You’ve got all these sleazy sites offering extreme-right positions with the click of a mouse,” she said, continuing the metaphor. “Tasteful conservatism just ain’t gonna do it for you anymore — just like you’re not gonna pay $6.99 for an airbrushed centerfold when you can watch a fem-dom in a cat suit wear a hairless granny like a glove.”

“Once you start going down that hardcore road, you need get crazier and crazier just to get the same thrill,” Williams explained. “Now, as soon as a bill hits the floor, you have like five guys ready to filibuster it — whatever happened to foreplay?”

The sexual inuendo went on from there, with Williams adding some more direct comparisons between conservatives and extreme porn. She closed with this one: “Nothing gets them more hot and bothered than seeing the thing they love get fucked by a black guy.”

Watch the video above.


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