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‘The Daily Show': James Gandolfini’s Legacy, Paula Deen Controversy; Tom Brokaw Rips Journalism (Video)

In the far ranging episode, John Oliver covers Deen's family history of slave ownership, remembers the "Sopranos" star and Brokaw talks journalism now and then

Last night's "Daily Show" ran the gamut, from Tom Brokaw promoting his new show "The Brokaw Files" to a much-deserved takedown of Paula Deen.

Brokaw chatted with John Oliver about his Military Channel show, which concludes June 27, as well as his thoughts on the state of journalism today. Oliver asked Brokaw if journalism was better now that it's faster, "bearing in mind that the answer is 'no.'"

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Spurred on by Oliver, Brokaw lamented that the speed of journalism left little time to collect facts and assemble into any sort of narrative. He did seem optimistic, though, about the potential for sites like Twitter and Reddit to become useful journalistic tools.

Earlier in the program, correspondant Jessica Williams weighed in on Paula Deen's "other disease" — "Type 1 or Type 2 racism" — before showing a clip from Deen's "Who Do You Think You Are?" appearance when the TV chef discovered her ancestors used to own 35 slaves. In the clip, Deen remarked that 35 slaves was "a lot." Williams pointed out that one slave is also "a lot."

"Paula Deen's words aren't hurting people nearly as much as her recipes are," Williams said.

The show concluded with a short tribute to James Gandolfini.

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