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‘The Daily Show': Why John Oliver Feels Sorry for Pat Robertson’s Wife

Jon Stewart's replacement mocks evangelist for saying that gay Boy Scouts want to "do sex" with each other

Pity the poor televangelist's wife.

"The Daily Show"s' John Oliver skewered religious leader and "700 Club" host Pat Robertson on Thursday's program for his comments on The Boy Scouts of America's recent decision to allow openly gay members.

The conservative commentator is no fan of the decision. On a clip that Oliver showed, he is seeing tut-tutting the move and fretting that it will undo all the organization's good work by moving to  “…accommodate a few kids that, you know, want to do sex with each other."

Oliver implied that Robertson's word choice was revealing.

"Do sex? That phrase is just the latest reason that I feel incredibly sorry for Mrs. Pat Robertson," Oliver said.

Not that the Boy Scouts got off without some pillorying. Oliver noted that while the organization allows gay kids to join, it will not allow gay adults to serve in leadership roles.

"They’re happy to welcome anyone with homosexual thoughts up until the age when they’re old enough to act upon them," Oliver said.



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