Dalai Lama Applies ‘No Ugly Chicks’ Rule to His Successor (Video)

An unattractive woman would be “not much use” as a Dalai Lama, spiritual leader declares

Never mind all that hoopla over Pope Francis’ little visit — there’s another spiritual leader who’s making waves this week.

The Dalai Lama sat down with the BBC to weigh in on a number of topics. Such as chicks, and the possibility of there ever being a female Dalai Lama.

Asked by the BBC’s Clive Myrie if there would be another Dalai Lama incarnation after he passes, the current Dalai Lama said yes, and that it could even be a woman.

Well, a hot woman, anyway.

“Yes!” the Dalai Lama said, when Myrie asked if there could be a female Dalai Lama. “The female biologically [has] more potential to show affection … and compassion.”

However, he noted, there’s a catch.

“If female Dalai come … the face should be very attractive,” the Dalai Lama offered, drawing semi-nervous laughter from Myrie. “Otherwise, [she’s] not much use.”

Myrie attempted to let the Dalai Lama walk back from his assessment.

“You’re joking, I’m assuming. Or you’re not joking,” Myrie asked.

“No … true!” the Dalai Lama replied.

Donald Trump, we may have found your running mate.

Watch the Dalai Lama spell it all out in the video.