Dale Earnhardt Jr Laps Jimmy Fallon in Cooler Scooter Race (Video)

Not even the shirtless barbecuing uncle could slow NASCAR retiree down

Last Updated: June 28, 2018 @ 7:29 AM

On your mark, get set…OK, Jimmy Fallon already lost. The “Tonight Show” host attempted to race Dale Earnhardt Jr. on cooler scooters Wednesday, when the “SNL” alum never really stood a chance.

The NASCAR alum on the red scooter put Fallon’s blue scooter in his rear-view mirror early, and Junior never looked back.

There were lots of obstacles for both men along the way: Like the shirtless barbecuing uncle, the punk kids with Super Soakers, and two neighbors fighting about their lawns, for a few examples.

The finish for this one was never really in doubt.

Watch the video above.