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Damon Lindelof Makes ‘No Apologies’ for ‘The Leftovers’ Season 1

TCA 2015: Creator says Ann Dowd’s character will return for Season 2, and no, she won’t be a ghost

Damon Lindelof played his typical mums-the-word act during Thursday’s “The Leftovers” panel at the Television Critics Association Summer press tour.

That said, he was a fairly good sport about recognizing some of the negative feedback surrounding Season 1 of the HBO drama starring Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman and Liv Tyler.

“We always want the show to feel authentic, but the first season of the show we make no apologies for,” Lindelof told TV critics. “We wanted to ground the world.

“To some people that may feel bleak and depressing,” he admitted.

Season 1 was about how a family is torn apart, while the theme of Season 2 is about how a family tries to come back together, the panel teased. Still, there’s a definite bridge between the two.

“The dramatic conflict of Season 2 is that Season 1 is trying to get in,” Lindelof said. “We’re not subbing out plot for character development and emotion, which I think is the lifeblood of the show,” he added.

Speaking of character, a surprising one is set to return as a Season 2 regular. Ann Dowd’s Patti Levin will be back in some important capacity, Lindelof revealed — and no, she won’t be in ghost form.

“We have a plan,” was all Lindelof would say of Patti, the leader of the Guilty Remnant’s Mapleton chapter, who appeared to commit suicide after being kidnapped towards the end of last season.

While many things are changing from season-to-season — including location — the upcoming HBO run will continue what Lindelof and his team started.

“This show is not a reboot,” Lindelof concluded, “it’s the next chapter.”