Dana Carvey Brings the ’80s and ’90s Back With Impressions and ‘SNL’ Bits on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

On late night, what’s old is new again

Jimmy Fallon grew up watching Dana Carvey dominate “Saturday Night Live,” and then followed his footsteps to 30 Rock.

In what must have been a mind-bending experience, on Thursday night, Fallon hosted his “SNL” predecessor on “The Tonight Show.”

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Once upon a time, Carvey was one of the most popular and versatile players on “SNL,” playing such staple characters as the Church Lady, German Hans (of Hans and Franz) and Garth of Wayne’s World. He was also well known for his celebrity impressions, particularly George H.W. Bush, Ross Perot and Johnny Carson.

His ABC sketch show proved to be too advanced for its time and lasted just a few episodes (though it gifted us Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell), and outside of the Wayne’s World films, Carvey has mostly stuck to touring as a stand-up comedian. But he’s still a hero to a whole new generation of late-night hosts who grew up watching him, and so when he shows up on TV, it ends up being a special nostalgia fest for those in the know, and a nice introduction for kids who never saw him back in the day.

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On Fallon, Carvey busted out — and updated — some of his best impressions, as well as played — alongside a full orchestra — the first song he ever performed on “SNL,” a little ditty called “Choppin’ Broccoli.”