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Dana Carvey as ‘Deranged Nutball’ John Bolton Makes Stephen Colbert Break Over and Over (Video)

”SNL“ alum revisits his old breastfeeding gag on Wednesday’s ”Late Show“

If the real John Bolton is not actually insane, which a number of people believe him to be, Dana Carvey’s version definitely is. The Wednesday “Late Show” guest had his old friend Stephen Colbert cracking up from the craziness.

Colbert, who used to write on the short-lived “Dana Carvey Show,” could not keep a straight face while “interviewing” Donald Trump’s new National Security Advisor “John Bolton.” Multiple times, the CBS personality had to hide his laughter behind a prop or even just his hands — think Bill Hader doing Stefon on “SNL.”

Expect Carvey’s mustachioed character to come back after this initial reception.

Watch the video above, which ends on Carvey’s latest political character attempting to breastfeed a puppy. He’s done that gag before — remember this?

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